Welcome to the eleventh biannual HackRU, hosted at Rutgers University by USACS, the Undergraduate Student Alliance of Computer Scientists!

Tech Talks:

  • MongoDB - Make Java Great Again (2:45-3:45)
  • Viacom - Engineering the Future of Media (4:00-4:30)
  • iCIMS - Apache Spark(Big Data) (4:45-5:15)
  • Merck - Cybersecurity: A day in the life (5:30-6:00)
  • Makerspace - Intro to Hardware (6:15-7:15)
  • Code School - Subject TBD (7:30-8:30)

Remember to check the Slack at http://hackruxi.slack.com  for updates!

If you are not in the Slack, please notify an organizer or volunteer.


Students who have registered for HackRU and checked-in to the event are eligible to participate. As per MLH regulations, all hackers must currently be a student or have graduated within the last school year.

All participants are only allowed to be a part of one team and submit one project. The max amount of people for a team is 4 people. Participants will risk disqualification if they don't adhere to these guidelines.

Participants MUST print and sign this waiver to be allowed entry. Anyone under 18, who attends Rutgers University, MUST have their waiver signed by a PARENT or GUARDIAN.

Hackathon Sponsors


$1,560 in prizes

Best Domain Name from Domain.com

Domain.com Swag Bags

Best Use of AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Prize: 1 TB Hard Drives

Watch Dogs® 2 Best Device Privacy Hack

Watch Dogs 2 Collector’s Edition for each member of the team.

Prompt: Develop a project that helps users better understand their digital footprint or control their personal data.

Language: As the number of people and smart devices, like, phone apps, cars, toys, connected to the Internet continues to grow, understanding how our data is being used, by whom, and the implications it has on our everyday lives will become essential.

Best Rutgers Hack

Prize: Rutgers Apparel

Prompt: Best hack related to Rutgers

Funniest Hack

Prize: Cards against Humanity

Prompt: Must comedic hack

Best First Hackathon Project

Prize: Speakers, Battery Packs

Prompt: Best hack for first time Hackathoners

Best Solo Hack

Prize: Wireless Headphones

Best Hardware Hack

Prize: Full Arduino kit

Prompt: Best hack involving hardware

Best Command Line Hack

Prize: Keyboard

Prompt: Best hack dealing with command line

Best Travel Hack

Prize: Survival Kit

Prompt: Best hack usable on the go

Best Halloween Hack

Prize: 7 pounds of starburst

Prompt: Best Halloween related hack

Best Video Hack from Viacom

Prize: The top hack in this category will win VIP tickets to the Daily Show w/ Trevor Noah - 2 for each team member!

Prompt: Build something that incorporates videos in some interesting and creative way for a chance to win!

Best Use of Linode Servics

Prize: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Best Use of MongoDB

Prize: Amazon Gift Cards

Best Kiosk Tile from New Brunswick Office of Innovation

Prize: $256 + SWAG + name recognition for a project seen by thousands of residents per day in 10+ locations

Prompt: Integrate your webapp using electron

Best Use of Nessie API from Capital One

Prize: $250 Amazon gift card

Best use of Twilio API

Prize: Samsung gear VR headsets

Best Health Hack from Merck

Prize: Amazon Echo

Most Innovative Use of Artificial Intelligence to Control Hardware from Siemens

Prize: 2 Lego Mindstorms

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Judging Criteria

  • TBA

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